Workplace Bullies Begone!

I know firsthand the damaging effects of workplace bullying on the targets.

I left my job at a major corporation for a variety of reasons, but one that pushed me toward the decision to leave was the string of abusive supervisors that plagued me.  It was a corporation with a very sophisticated Workplace Harassment policy. I asked for help from HR and from Occupational Effectiveness, but there was no hope to be had (well, they fired one of the supervisors for ineptitude – but I don’t believe they did that to help ME out!)

Listen…I know how it feels to have my accomplishments systematically diminished so my supervisor can make their accomplishments look better.

I know the effects of public humiliation by a supervisor who needs to be right in every situation.

I have felt my self esteem erode away day by day until I am like a caged, scared animal…afraid to make any decisions for fear of the inevitable repercussions.

I also know what it is like to not feel that way. To be able to speak my truth and be recognized and respected for my opinion.

I know how it feels to build self-esteem at work.

What is the trick?

I learned how to address the harassing behaviour and set boundaries and expectations without damaging relationships.

As a result, when I coach clients who are being targeted by Workplace Bullies (and almost everyone is targeted at some time in their careers) I teach the same skills that resolve conflict to have the client identify their needs, and create the right approach to address the situation, set boundaries, ask for help and assert their expectations.

The results with my clients are extraordinary! As I celebrate each of their successes, I thank my past experiences for allowing me to deeply understand the effects of Workplace Bullying and forcing me to learn the skills that I now pass onto my clients to move abusive relationships into a healthier place.

Are you interested in finding out more? Of course you are! Give me a call, text or email and we can explore what you are looking for and you can decide if you are ready to work with me now.

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