Collaborative Leadership Coaching

Coreen Lawrence is Calgary’s Non-Executive Leadership Coach

Focusing on the skills of collaborative leadership, I teach a step-by-step program designed to take your skills to a deeper and more meaningful level – with the focus on discovering the motivational value systems of the people around you.

More than ever young leaders need to develop excellence in communication and collaboration skills as they step into leadership roles early in their careers.  Addressing the issue of the aging workforce, I am passionate about coaching young professionals who are called to fast-track fill the leadership positions that are being vacated in the coming years.

The results are immediate and measurable outcomes. Beginning with a benchmark assessment, each coaching session is tailor-made for the individual client. I move you through the material at your own pace and integrate each concept into the current circumstances that you are facing.

Discover YOUR:

  • unique perspective
  • REASON for sharing your voice
  • best way to share your opinion


Working together, you will focus on the skills and habits that will FOREVER CHANGE the challenges you are facing at this time in your career. Some of these may be:

  • Increased objectivity with your emotions during tense situations
  • Becoming assertive with your opinion without damaging relationships
  • Heart Centered Conversations that are skilled at addressing emotion
  • Interest-Based Negotiation Skills that create win-win outcomes
  • High Effeciency Communication by quickly getting to the root of the matter


Who I Work With…

I work only with motivated clients who are ready to take control and create lasting changes in how they relate to people and situations.

I don’t work with clients who are unwilling to release their role as ‘victims’ of bad situations.  I have been ‘that girl’ at different times in my life and I know that no matter now amazing the new perspective, my head was not in the right place to create change.  To make new outcomes my clients must be ready to make changes for themselves.


What Will You Learn?

Find out that you have more skills and tools than you even know you have. I will help you uncover your greatest strengths and assist you in making them even stronger.

Then we will look at your opportunities for development and create a boutique lesson plan that will fill in the gaps to round out your skill set.

You are encouraged to bring real life situations to the coaching session for practice. When you leave the sessions, you will have gained practical skills for real life scenarios in your life.


“When I began working with Coreen, I had been passed over for two promotions in the last year. Within three months of working with her, I had a new leadership position offered to me.

My Supervisors right up to the Department VP noticed and commented on the increased assertiveness in my opinion and communication style.

I absolutely attribute my improved confidence and communication skills to working with Coreen. 

       -Michelle, Calgary Engineer



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