Tara Wakefield

WED_3263Tara Wakefield is a Senior Associate with Preferred Method.

Tara is an international facilitator with a goal to inspire a culture of innovation and collaboration. She leads workshops specializing in self awareness, interest based negotiation, advanced communication and listening skills. As a certified facilitator in Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®) she believes in the importance of organizations discovering the value of integrating SDI® into all kinds of training initiatives to provide a common language for inspiring productive human interactions.

Tara is an effectual leader and sales professional with a proven ability to exceed sales quotas. She has over 25 years of strong sales experience with a passion for developing the relationship with the client and teams involved. She has extensive cold calling experience with a powerful sales style that is partnered with gentle and consistent closing abilities. She is a leader/ trainer for a highly successful sales team where she provides leadership and guidance, helping others reach their sales and personal potential.

Bringing Relationship Awareness® to interest based negotiation is what Tara is most known for. She excels in teaching the critical importance of underlying motivations in negotiation and using them to create collaborative outcomes.

Tara is passionate about guiding and supporting others to live an authentic life and to encourage a collaborative environment.  Her hope is that you will create your best self by understanding your personal core values, portrait of strengths, and by believing and investing in your dreams.



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