Bridge1What to expect

Working with Coreen, you are finding out what is important to you and the other person. You will have revelations about the conflict, your life and the other person. Through coaching and encouragement, both parties will leave behind the titles of RIGHT and WRONG or VICTIM and VILLAIN.  In the process, you will both begin to see each other with compassion and come to view the situation as resolvable. Once that ‘shift’ has happened, cooperation is natural as the time for collaborative and creative solutions arrives.


Working towards the goal of co-creating a shared plan to move forward, you and the other person (or people) will create the unique solution that works for everyone. No one wins or loses; you all own the process and the solution.

So what do you need me for?

During the conversation I will:

  1. walk you through the steps that create the agenda
  2. coach you through the conversation to create shared understanding
  3. encourage a creative environment for a unique solution that fits the needs of the participants

Also, I am there to keep the conversation:

  • on topic
  • future-focused
  • respectful and helpful
  • on time

And finally, I will print off and distribute the final agreement that the parties have created.


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